Feng Shui Fashion Makeover – Energize Your Life and Wardrobe

Do you look and feel great in your current wardrobe? Are you looking for ways to boost your energy and have more balance in your life? It is important to have a positive and attractive outer appearance, as well as a balanced inner-self to enhance your chances of success in the world today.

One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to practice the art of wearing colors and styles of clothing that enhance your success and well-being. When you continually wear a wardrobe that supports who you are, you will have more confidence and energy.

One of the most successful ways to empower your wardrobe is through the principles of personalized Feng Shui. There is much information available on how to apply Feng Shui to your home, garden, and work place using the traditional principles of Feng Shui, such as Yin and Yang and the Five Elements theory. These basic theories can also be applied to your personal wardrobe through the colors and shapes which represent the Five Elements of Feng Shui.

Good Feng Shui has always meant being in harmony with nature. Good personalized Feng Shui means you can start creating harmony in the way you get dressed each day. By selecting the colors and shapes that will enhance your personal energies, you will be creating an environment around you for success.

A good place to start your personal fashion makeover is by taking a look inside your closet space as if you were seeing it for the first time. Notice if your wardrobe is supporting who you are and where you’d like to be in your life. You may find the need to de-clutter your closet before you start to create your wardrobe with the colors and styles that enhance your natural beauty. Removing old, unworn, and unnecessary items from your closet can open up possibilities for fresh vital energy to empower you. Set aside some time for you to sort and organize your closet. As this task can be overwhelming, be sure to reward yourself when you are done with this project.

Color plays a very important role in your daily life. You can be seen as loyal and trusting in a navy-blue colored suit, passionate in pink or red, calm and serene in a soft shade of green, or bright and cheery in sunshine yellow.

The colors you wear not only affect the way you feel, but also set the tone for others around you. Do you seem to have a difficult time making a decision? Are you often passed by for a deserving raise or promotion? Have you noticed that wearing certain colors can make a gray, gloomy day seem more cheerful? For example, if you continually dress in the color black, it not only gives off the impression of sadness, but also may be surrounding you in too much of the element of water, which may hinder your ability to make the decisions that are required in your line of work.

Building a wardrobe that will have you feeling balanced and energized can be very simple if you desire to bring positive change into your life. You will know you are on the right path with your personal makeover by the compliments you will receive from others.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun, schedule some time for yourself, and spend time with those who make you happy. By looking and feeling your best, your positive attitude and harmonious nature will be contagious to those around you. Your future awaits, embrace all that life has to offer you.

© Copyright, Diane Alba-Means, Hawaii Feng Shui 2006

How to Take Fashion Photography

You have seen them in magazines and billboard advertisements everywhere. The fashion models that seem to have perfect bodies that are perfectly lit with the exact amount of contrast and fine details. Fashion photos are usually very classy and elegant looking. The question is how to take fashion photos?

Fashion photography revolves around the model. You cannot take good fashion pictures of models if you do not know how to pose models. Taking pictures of models in a fashion photography way requires that you and the model be up to par with the task that is required.

To get good at taking fashion photographs the first step would be to start studying these types of photographs. Get as many magazines and look at as many advertisements as you can. See how the body is arranged and the gestures are. Notice how the lighting is. It is anything but a mistake that the lighting ended up the way it is.

The way that the model looks is extremely important in fashion photography. Unrealistically posed models that are stiff and unattractive will not work at all. The model must look believable and have a relaxed demeanor. It is your job as a photographer to make the model relaxed. Take full responsibility for how the model will end up looking in the final photograph. Taking this amount of responsibility will make the model more comfortable and result in better photos. Although it is a great deal of the models job to pose him or herself in a proper way, telling them that you are fully responsible will take off some of the stress.

The lighting of fashion photographs must be very good. If you want to get into fashion photography then you will need to get some good quality lights. Using work lights from home depot may be fine for some types of photography but fashion photography will require lots more control over your lights. The transition from high intensity area of lights to low areas of lights must be seamless. The lighting will be a big factor in how the model ends up looking.

The Hottest Fashion Jewelry Trends in 2011

Without a doubt, fashion jewelry is the best way to make any hot outfit stand out. Many women spend several hours shopping for the clothes they are going to wear, but they do not think about the jewelry they are going to wear with it. Trendy jewelry should be part of any outfit that you want to wear to create a stunning look, so you will want to take some time to think about the pieces you are going to wear with those outfits. Here are some of the hottest fashion jewelry trends you will find in 2011.

One trend in fashion jewelry to take notice of is the contrasting colors that are being used. Women everywhere are putting on layers and layers of necklaces that use contrasting colors to make those outfits pop. Many women are finding that using long silver and gold necklaces wrapped around and layered on top of each other creates a sophisticated look. Also, when necklaces feature bright or bold colored gemstones they are able to get the same type of effect. Of course, if you are looking for a simple look, there are other options such as wearing a single necklace with a small stone in the center.

Another trend in fashion jewelry is mismatched bracelets. This trend is for those women who own a lot of different bracelets and can never decide which one to wear. The bracelets that you put on can be a mixture of cuff bracelets, chunky bracelets, or you might decide to pile on some gold and silver bangles to keep up with the latest trends. You will find that this layered trend will mostly be in effect in Fall and Winter when there are a lot of layers of clothing that are being worn. As Summer nears, the trend will change to a “less is more” trend which means back to single bracelets.

These are just a few of the hottest fashion jewelry trends that you will find in 2011. Whether you are someone who keeps up with these trends or you just want to avoid making any fashion errors, you will want to make sure to know what the current trend is and stay on top of them as the seasons change. There are several great options available for those who are looking for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to make their daily outfits stand out among everyone else around them.