Engagement Rings

How do you find the perfect ring for your better half?

To most, the engagement ring symbolizes your promise of love and commitment. Proposing should be a very special, memorable, and romantic experience. Since the engagement ring will be an intrinsic part of this pivotal moment, and the ring will be worn before and after the wedding, it is important to consider what would be the ideal ring for your loved one, and your circumstances.

This means planning and research is necessary before you make a purchase. You may consider speaking to friends who have gone through the purchasing process, checking Internet sites, speaking to jewellers and “shopping around”. Your research should include a comparison of styles, gaining knowledge of diamonds, as well as familiarizing yourself with prices and materials.

It should go without saying that your loved one is the focus of your search for the perfect ring. Should you decide to search together, you should discuss your findings and preferences.

A custom diamond engagement ring is certainly an option you should consider. Ideally, a custom ring will satisfy your requirements and demonstrate your definition of the perfect ring, since you are an integral part of its creation. Imagine explaining to your better half that you’ve helped design the ring and select the diamonds; how truly unique it is.

Remember also, that there is no solid rule regarding what percentage of your income you should spend on an engagement ring. Rather, consider the importance of the ring and the reality of your finances. The more rare the diamonds are, the more expensive the ring will be.